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Denim & Camo

I came across this denim shirt and almost bought it because I find chambray shirts to be extremely versatile. This particular style however, is somewhat trendy so I couldn’t justify spending $20 on it. I’m glad I held off because I found a 1990s style almost identical at our last Goodwill Thrift Night Out event for $2.50. Although I purposely wanted an oversized shirt for breezy summer outfits, this particular one is a little big on me so I’ve been trying to shrink it in the dryer. It has been such an easy shirt to style and I especially loved it with my camo pants. Another pro about this oversized shirt is that it hides the fact that my pants are unbuttoned because they are entirely way too tight.


Today’s lesson: Always check the thrift store for some of the latest trends because fashion is constantly repeating itself and I need to lay off the Sour Patch Kids so I can button my pants again.
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes | Thrifted Goodwill in Akron | $2
Shirt | Thrifted Goodwill in Akron | $2.50
Bolo Tie | Thrifted in Akron | $1


  • CUTE!! I'm right there with you…all my shorts are too tight!! πŸ™

  • Great tips! I always find really neat on trend things here around my town as well. You look beautiful as always and the oversize shirt suits you, Sour Patch Kids or not. Enjoy your weekend and love your henna by the way!

  • I love that this one has the cute shoulder flaps too! I found some great items that night too – unfortunately all for the baby and none for me, oh well. πŸ™‚ -β™₯- Rachel (For the Birds)

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