Deck Makeover

a ‘before’ picture of my patio

I’m not kidding when I say that for a year, my deck made my house look like a vacant home. I’m embarrassed to have let it go for so long. I’m talking cushions staked up high, dead flowers, spiders – you name it. When summer made its mark this year, I decided it was time I scrubbed the floor, removed the spider webs, and thrifted my way through this project. I knew I wanted something bold, bright, and summery. The color palette: yellow, green, bright blue, and hints of hot pink. The fabrics and textures: stripes and florals. Basically, a hodge podge of all of the things I love.

‘before’ picture of my table

The Table
The table was free because it came with my house. It was once in excellent condition until I decided to ruin it with spray paint when I made this project. Inspired by a set of blue tile pieces that I bought to use as coasters, I spray painted it with Rust-oleum spray in deep blue. 

The Chairs
Next, I had a set of nice chairs that I bought from Katie for $20 but the brown color wouldn’t do when I had a bright blue table so I opted for Valspar paint in everglade. I struggled with the seat cushions for weeks. The original covers I got from Katie didn’t really vibe with the rest of the decor but since I don’t know how to sew so,  I simply took yards of striped and floral fabric I bought from the Hartville Thrift Store a couple of years ago, wrapped it around the cushion and tucked it in the chair. It’s totally bootleg but works. Fabric also seen herehere, and here. The ottoman / bench is a piece I found for $5 at the community wide yard sales in Seville last year.







The Rug
I wanted an outdoor rug mainly so I take my shoes off but also because I knew a rug would make it cozier. I found a pink rug at Marc’s for $20 and although it’s not technically an outdoor rug, it’s plush and comfy, and I love it.

before picture of dead flowers on my deck

The Accessories
All of the accessories are thrifted. My favorite have to be the blue pieces of tile I bought to use as coasters and a metal yellow tray from Givits for $1. The candles, pink jar, plate, and other knick knacks are thrifted from all over the place. The Arabic welcome sign is one I made, read that DIY here.








There you have it! My mega thrifty deck decor. It’s no Martha Stewart but it’s bright and cheery and sure beats the vacant home decor I had going for a while.


  • First, you ARE Martha Stewart. Effortless Martha Stewart…

    Secondly, I love the colors, the cushions, and especially you "Ahlan Wa Sahlan" sign!!!

  • It looks so good and cozy! God I love Marc's. -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

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