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Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

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Anastasia’s tag line should be: Eyebrows on Fleek. My sister introduced me to the Dipbrow pomade at our beauty workshop and I’ve used it every single day since. I was a little intimidated at first because I have had horrible experiences filling in my eyebrows so I was hesitant to spend $18 on this. Nora assured me that it was incredibly easy to use. She was right, a little goes a long way with this product and you’re not really drawing your brows in, simply filling them in and enhancing them. My eyebrows refuse to grow in any type of orderly fashion so this is perfect for me. I bought the pomade in chocolate to match my brows as well as the angled Anastasia brow brush #12. Don’t let the $18 price tag scare you, the brush is fantastic and I recommend it over a generic brand. Simply brush your eyebrows with the bristle side and fill in brows with a tiny amount of pomade using the brush side. Gently remove excess pomade with a cotton ball or Q-tip.

Finished product: eyebrows on fleek.