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20 Things

I was tagged on Instagram to share 20 things about myself. This is such a fun way to get to know your instafriends a little better!

  1. I was named after Queen Dina of Jordan. However, I was *almost* named Reba after the country singer. (What was going on in the 80s?)
  2. I get ants in my pants if I’m not constantly working on a project, but I #Sundaysohard every weekend.
  3. I love dance parties and sing alongs. My favorite songs to karaoke are Gangsta’s Paradise and Man in the Mirror
  4. I speak Arabic
  5. I can spot about 10 different gems at a thrift store or flea market within 5 minutes.
  6. The first thing I ever thrifted at 13 was a pair of knock off Chuck Taylor shoes.
  7. I am Palestinian and lived in Jordan for most of my childhood
  8. I wanted to be “an office worker” when I grew up because I loved stationary so much (I still love stationary)
  9. I’ve ridden a camel several times in my life
  10. I peed my pants at the roller rink while ordering a hamburger when I was 8 because that’s how much fun I was having
  11. I’m horrible to be around when I’m hangry
  12. I try to take my work seriously but never myself too seriously because #yolo
  13. I’m the youngest of 3 girls and we used to wrestle and fight like brothers
  14. I finally learned how to trust my intuition and listen to my gut.
  15.  I always explain my jokes and the punch line
  16. My 7th grade teacher thought I was a boy after a 90s haircut fail
  17. I used to have a mega gap in my teeth until adult braces happened
  18. I get my energy from being around people and believe that strong relationships are the root to every success
  19.  I enjoy simple neighborhood projects that bring people together
  20.  I’d take my 30s over my 20s any day

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