Sunday, August 23, 2015

Floral Coral Blazer

This post is dedicated to short girls. To the girl who's had to hem every single pair of pants she ever bought. The girls who cuff their jeans for practical reasons rather than stylish reasons. I'm 4'11" and so it goes without saying I have the hardest time finding the right jeans or pants, especially skinny pants. The short lengths are too tight around the waist and the petite styles never fit my hips. These jeans, however, are quite possibly the best pair I've ever laid my hands on. They are meant to be cropped jeans, meaning they are supposed to hit the calves of average people, but hit my ankles exactly where I wish every pair I own did. I've been in these jeans for about a week straight now and paired it with a thrifted coral top and blazer for a casual Friday outfit at the office.

PS) be sure to register for the blue Goodwill lunchtime fashion event this Thursday and Friday! 

Blazer LC Lauren Conrad | Thrifted in Akron | $7
Shirt | Thrifted at Goodwill in Middleburg Heights | $3
Jeans | Target | $13
Vintage Purse | Thrifted in Akron | $3
Shoes | Thrifted in Akron | $2

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Shop Spice from Dina's Days at blue Boutique in Akron

Exciting news! The Dina's Days pop-up thrift store is now at the blue Goodwill Boutique in downtown Akron. My store is no longer at the Kent location. I am so happy to have the opportunity to curate thrifted collections in my hometown. I've had a lot of questions about this collaboration since the opening of the Goodwill boutique in Kent last winter so I'm hoping this post will tell you everything you need to know about Spice.

What is Spice?
I've collected and sold vintage clothing for many years, mainly at flea markets and vintage sales around the city. I've always loved vintage and thrift and developed a hobby of buying and reselling because I always felt like I couldn't let certain pieces get away. So to avoid enabling hoarding habits, I felt the need to share my finds. This opportunity allowed me to celebrate these found treasures with others. It brings me nothing but joy to see the excitement on someone's face when they score a great thrifted or vintage find. Plus, I'm a strong believer in sustainable fashion and the cycle of donated clothing truly fascinates me.

How did you start your collaboration with Goodwill?
Over the last few years, I've been fortunate to have developed a wonderful relationship with Goodwill Industries of Akron through our Thrift Night Out, fashion events, blogging, and so much more. When they opened their first boutique, Goodwill was gracious enough to invite me to have a pop-up space in their store where I can share my curated collections of some of my favorite vintage and thrifted finds. Both  Goodwill Industries of Akron and the Goodwill of Greater Cleveland East Central Ohio have teams of creative and energetic people always looking for new ways to collaborate with similar groups and organizations, including bloggers. Kudos to them for being so proactive. This has been somewhat of a dream come true because I'm able to fulfil my love of treasure hunting for others, while collaborating with one of my favorite stores.

Further, I'm an advocate for my community and believe that collaborations among exisiting organizations and groups are the natural way to get things done, and this collaboration seemed like a natural fit.

Is blue taking treasures away from the regular Goodwill stores?
blue features donated upscale, high-quality, and designer pieces. Don't worry, there are still TONS of treasures to go around at their regular stores. Trust me, I wouldn't lie to you about that one. blue is great for everyone who loves a good deal, but ideal for those who don't like to dig or find a regular thrift store to be overwhelming. Everything is affordable and not overpriced. Plus, the proceeds still support their mission and programs. Nonprofit organizations must always think of innovative and creative ways to sustain their programs and this is one way Goodwill is doing just that. Goodwill boutiques are starting to pop up across the country.

I don't own blue. I own Spice. 
blue is a Goodwill Industries of Akron store. Spice from Dina's Days is a rack inside the blue store.

Logistical questions. Parking, where is your rack and more. 
Parking for the new location downtown is available behind the Evans building. My rack is labeled SPICE in pink letters at the Akron store. Everything in my collection is tagged with a Dina's Days tag so you can't miss it.

Lastly, thank you all for your support thus far. I truly love my community.  Be sure to register for the lunchtime fashion event celebrating the opening of blue on August 27 and 28!

Monday, August 17, 2015

News and Updates:Thrift Night Out & Vintage Event

Join us this Friday for another Thrift Night Out at Goodwill Akron. Information and registration  here.

I've been collecting vintage clothing all summer for the annual Dina's Days & Noto vintage sale. This year, our friend Rachel will be joining us! Mark your calendar for a full day of shopping and fun. 

Lastly, Katie and I will be at Stow Library teaching a Thrifting 101 class on August 25th. Register here

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jord Wood Watch

I must admit, every watch I own no longer works and I simply wear them for the sake of accessorizing. Don't be surprised if I bust out my iPhone if you ask me for the time. Unless of course, I'm wearing my new Jord watch.

Jord handcrafts dozens of men's and women's wood watches made of bamboo, maple, sandalwood, blackwood, and cherry - just to name a few. I chose the Ely Series Wood Watch in Natural Green and Maple. I love how well it pairs with gold tones, earth tones, and even neons. Here, I wore it with my thrifted vintage Peter Pan collar top.

Ensuring the watch fit my wrist was a breeze. I simply measured the size of my wrist and Jord sent me a fitted watch and included the extra links in case I need to add them back on. Check out the variety of watches and keep Jord in mind when you're shopping for gifts for both the men and women in your life!

Wood Wrist Watch

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Yellow Dress

Anytime I find myself wearing a piece of clothing the same way over and over again, I hop on Pinterest to see how I can switch up the style. I've had both this yellow dress in my closet and this photo of Lauren Conrad pinned for a few years and never thought to put the two together. Naturally, I'm drawn to big, chunky statement necklaces when accessorizing a simple dress but I loved how Lauren kept it simple with a dainty necklace and nude shoes.  I do dainty about once a year so this butterfly necklace from my childhood (which both my sisters claim belongs to them) was a nice change and perfect for a Sunday afternoon outing. We stopped by my old neighborhood to see the new art mural in Westhill and it served as the perfect backdrop for a colorful dress.

The Details: 
Dress | Thrifted | $4
Shoes | Thrifted | $2
Denim Jacket | Thrifted | $5
Purse | Coach Outlet many years ago
Sunglasses | Marc's | $1