Thursday, August 21, 2014

Utility Jacket Four Ways

Remember the utility jacket I bought from Old Navy last fall? It's making another feature on the blog because I have already determined this is going to be my uniform this fall. Utility jackets are extremely versatile and I'm here to prove it by sharing four ways to wear one. Really, I came up with about six but I was hot and had a quiche baking in the oven when I took these pictures. 

With Floral Print

Details: thrifted floral top, Old Navy skinny jeans, thrifted wedges

With Stripes and Leopard Print

Details: thrifted top, thrifted scarf, thrifted jeans, thrifted boots

With a Simple Black Dress

Details: dress from Gabe's, thrifted flats

With Coral

Details: thrifted dress, thrifted shoes

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Remember when the models wore temporary henna tattoos for my Moroccan Holiday collection at the Goodwill fashion show? Ever since then I've wanted to get a real henna design on my hands. Henna is a tree and the dye comes from the henna plant. Traditionally used in ceremonies and weddings, henna is popular in the Middle East, India, Pakistan, and North Africa.  The temporary dye comes in both black and a burnt red color and can be used in the hair or on the skin for body art. I heard about Isra through a friend and immediately contacted her for henna art as soon as I saw her Instagram account. She's unbelievably talented and whipped up this design in less than 30 minutes.

I went with the natural burnt orange color and Isra applied it free-handed with a little tube. It goes on dark brown and within minutes the henna begins to dry and flake off. The longer you leave it on, the darker the end result will be. After it all flakes off, you are left with a beautiful design on your skin. It should last about 2 weeks.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup

I borrowed this recipe from the Panera Bread summer menu. I usually get the broccoli cheese or chicken noodle soup but strayed and tried their Lemon Chicken Orzo soup. I knew right away I could replicate this recipe at home. I made a few changes by adding fresh basil and swiss chard, which really amped up the flavor.

What you need (makes 6 cups)

8 cups water
1 chicken breast
2 chicken bouillon cubes, I recommend Maggie.
1/2 cup lemon juice
1/2 lemon
1 small bunch  swiss chard
1/2 cup orzo, dry
fresh basil

What you need to do: 

You will have 3 pots going: one for soup, one for chicken, and one for the orzo
Bring 8 cups water to a boil in the first pot
Add bouillon cubes and allow them to dissolve

In a separate pot, boil chicken

In a separate pot, cook orzo according to the directions on the box

Add lemon juice, oregano, fresh basil, swiss chard salt, and pepper to the first pot (with the bouillon cubes) cover and simmer.
Slice lemon and add a few slices to the soup. Cover and simmer.
Remove cooked chicken from pot, carefully cut into small chunks and add to soup mixture
Add cooked orzo to the soup mixture at the very end
Simmer for a few extra minutes and enjoy!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Goodwill Brunswick Class Recap

If you didn't attend the Thrifting 101 workshop that Katie and I taught on Saturday, which happened to be National Thrift Shopping Day,  at the Goodwill in Brunswick, here's what you missed: an hour of straight thrifting knowledge!

It's always a pleasure to teach the thrifting workshops because there's so much to talk about. We go over our top reasons why we believe thrift shopping is important, then I discuss fashion tips and Katie shares her home decor and DIY tips. The class is interactive, Katie shares some of her DIY projects, and even pulls house-wears off the shelves to give you crafting ideas. I also pull clothes off the racks before class to show examples on how you can develop an eye and see the potential in things.

After we completed the presentation, Katie held a craft session where her group made adorable and colorful fabric hoops and I hit the racks to help a participant find a few things to match her style and apply the tips that we learned in class.

If you're a new thirfter or want to learn more about thrifting, I strongly encourage you to attend our classes. They are free, you receive a goodie bag, and more importantly we make sure you leave feeling inspired to thrift! 

Check the blog soon for the next workshop.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Denim & Lace

Denim top: thrifted, $3
Target lace skirt: Marc's closeouts, $4
Wedges: thrifted, $4
We all know I'm quite fond of chambray shirts so you can imagine my excitement when I found this 1990s denim tank at the thrift store for $3. I don't have to even tell you how versatile it is but I'm going to go ahead and tell you anyway: denim tops are no different than your favorite pair of jeans; they pair well with practically everything. Luckily, there's no shortage of these styles at the thrift store - there was an entire denim shirt section at my local store so be sure to seek them out at your favorite second-hand store.

I paired it with a Target brand fuchsia lace skirt from Marc's and a pair of thrifted wedges. Seriously though, Marc's closeouts is the place to be for discounted Target merchandise. The only downfall about this outfit is that the shirt zips on the side so I look like a maniac trying to get out of it,  and the lining in the skirt makes it sound like I'm wearing a diaper when I walk.

In other news, check out my podcast interview with Kevin Lockett. We're talking about blogging, photography, and of course thrift shopping. Also if you're in the area, be sure to register for the upcoming thrift class in Brunswick.