Friday, November 21, 2014

Akron Holiday Wish List

November 29 is Small Business Saturday. Mark your calendar and make a day out of it in Downtown Akron. Here's how I plan to spend my day:

First, a little online local shopping in bed. 
Fingers crossed the Akron Coffee Roasters online shop will be open by then. If not, I will attempt to contact them for an order. 

This beautiful infinity scarf from Neighbors Apparel. Handwoven by Karen women in Thailand and made by Karen women in Akron. Then, a jar or two of lavender body butter from Myers' Apiary

Next, Crafty Mart of course
The 6th annual indie craft faire is back with over 100 artists and makers. Crafty Mart is expanding to three locations this year: Musica, Summit Art Space, and the Akron Art Museum. All three locations are within walking distance, but the trolley will stop at all three locations every 10 minutes. A few of my Crafty Mart stops will include: 

Soaps from Aromaholic 
Cat postcards from The Art of Megan Mars. Because cat postcards duh
Leather goods from Wright and Rede
Candles from Three Birds Candles

I will then join my good friend and owner, Lauren Ward for her holiday trunk show at Zeber-Martell in the Northside. I will be picking up a few more of these head wraps as gifts. 

Wrapping it up
After I grab a bowl of my favorite tomato soup at Crave, I'll make my usual Saturday thrift store rounds. On my way back home, I plan on stopping by The Eye Opener to pick up a jar of honey from Akron Honey Company so I can make myself a honey sandwich. Try it, it's delicious. 

Downtown Akron Partnership has a Small Business Saturday guide on their website

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Holiday Thrift Style

Between family gatherings, office parties, and nights out with girlfriends, calendars are already filing up with holiday outings. To prepare for these upcoming events, I stopped by Goodwill and put together three staple outfits for the holiday season.

Office Party
A few things come to mind when I think of holiday attire: plaid, red, tights, metallic and a little sparkle. A simple red shift dress with tights and a blazer are perfect for an office party. Add a necklace for added sparkle and you're dressed to impress!

Dress | Goodwill in Lakemore | $4 
Shoes | Nine West | Goodwill Waterloo $4
Necklace: Rings & Tings

Family Gathering
It's easy to throw on a pair of yoga or sweat pants for family gatherings.  Between the turkey and dessert, I totally get it. However, you can be cute and comfortable this holiday season! Try pairing a chunky sweater or vest with black skinny pants for a chic yet comfy look.

Faux fur vest | Old Navy | Goodwill in Lakemore | $3
Tee | Target | $7
Pants | Old Navy $20
Boots | Target | $30

Girls' Night Out:
Friends will be home for the holidays and a girls' night out calls for a little sparkle, wouldn't you say? Here, I paired a comfy skirt with a metallic shirt, and booties.  I added a cropped jacket that will come off as soon as I hit the dance floor.

Metallic Shirt | Goodwill in Lakemore | $3
Skirt | Goodwill in Lakemore | $4
Shoes | DSW | $30

This post was on the Goodwill Akron blog. Click here to see the original post. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Loving: 6 Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

I've been on the hunt for a non-traditional wedding dress for our summer wedding. I've always been drawn to their beautiful details and love how they speak to the person's individuality. I've never been one for traditional wedding formalities and have a hard time wrapping my mind around the logic of spending an astronomical amount of money on a wedding gown only to wear it once. I know I'm in the minority here but I guess thriftiness runs deep in my blood. I also know that there's sentimental value that comes along with a wedding dress but I feel as though I can achieve that by wearing something that speaks true to my own personal style. The response I get when I share that I'd love to thrift a vintage wedding dress has been split; half of the people gasp and think I'm a total weirdo and the other half highly encourage it and think it's a brilliant idea.

In light of Solange's "aesthetically superior" wedding festivities, I was inspired to put together a few of my favorite non-traditional wedding get ups.

Carrie in Sex and the City
 SJP started it all for nontraditional girls everywhere with her thrifted suit in the SATC movie.

This breathtakingly beautiful dress on Pinterest
I couldn't find the original source of this dress and I'm not even sure if it's meant to be a bridal gown but it's a dream come true. 

Short and Playful
Who said all wedding dresses have to be long and full? I love love love short wedding dresses. They are practical yet playful. Came across this beauty which I think came from this website. 
Olivia Palermo's skirt
A simple Google search of Olivia Palermo's wedding will make your heart start beating fast. Everything about it was magical and her two piece ensemble is perfection. 
 A boho wedding
It will come as no surprise to those who follow Dina's Days regularly that a cropped top wedding ensemble would totally make my short list. The Reformation has a stunning collection of non-traditional wedding and bridal party dresses.

And of course, the wedding that broke the Internet: Solange 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Sibling Stories: Useless Arguments

After you've been in a relationship with someone for a long time you start to argue about the stupidest stuff.  For example, my fiance and I just argued whether the lyrics to the Lil Scrappy rap song ( a terrible one, I must add) say "money in the  bank, shorty what you drank" vs "money in the bank, shorty what you think."  

He was right. It's drank.

Now, imagine the type of arguments that take place after you've known someone your entire life. i.e siblings.

As the youngest of three girls, I always assumed the ridiculous discussions  my sisters and I had were normal methods of communication. It wasn't until recently, while in the car with my sister and her husband, that I realized how outrageous we must sound to other people. We spent 15 minutes arguing over the direct translation of cheap vs frugal from English to Arabic. That one doesn't even compare to the latest argument that ensued when I told my sister that I don't like chocolate covered marshmallows. She went on to argue that -  no, I  didn't know what I was saying and that she knows for a fact that I've never before tasted a chocolate covered marshmallow. We went on like this for a good 20 minutes, even after I asked her in all seriousness,  "how would you know? Are you in my body?"

So in order to make me feel a little less crazy, I'd love if you shared some of the ridiculous things you argue about with your siblings. Tell us in the comments!

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Bamberger's Mustard

This was one of those casual outfits that didn't require a lot of thought or effort to put together. I wear a lot of prints and patterns so it's refreshing to just throw on a few layers of solid pieces and run out the door. Plus, it's always fun when the colors we wear replicate nature's hues.  I love looking up the labels of the thrifted clothes I buy. The tag in this mustard yellow sweater said its from Bamberger's, which happens to be the same brand of this wild quilted dress I shared on Instagram. Bamberger's was a department store founded in 1893 by Louis Bamberger and opened its 10-story flagship store in 1912 in Newark. The flagship store was so massive, it had its own telephone exchange.  Bamberger's was later sold to the Macy's company and adopted the name in the 1980s.  Pretty cool, right? Makes me wonder who wore this sweater at one point in time. Do you remember Bamberger's?

The Details:

Sweater | Bamberger's | Thrifted | $2
Jacket | Jou Jou | Thrifted and seen here | $9

Pants | Old Navy Diva | $25
Boots | Kohl's | $15
Necklace | Thrifted | Can't remember price
Turban | H&M | $6