Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thriftspired: Taylor Swift Mustard Cardigan

 I've had this sweater for many years and I'm always amazed by the many ways I can wear it. I decided to search for "mustard yellow sweater" on Google one day and Taylor Swift's picture automatically came up. It inspired me to wear the cardigan with my $5 Old Navy burgundy tank. I love how these colors match nature's fall hues. Plus replicating Taylor's look was just another excuse to wear my cat flats. At one point, I owned about 5 different pearl necklaces like hers but must have gotten rid of them in a maniacal cleaning spree one day, so I opted for something just as feminine; a bow necklace.

Sweater | NY& Co | $10 (many years ago)
Tank | Old Navy|  $5 sale
Jeans | Old Navy Rockstar | $15 sale 
Shoes | Kohls | Gift from a friend
Purse | Old Navy | $13

Burgundy Pants Three Ways

These pants have been on heavy rotation lately because they are so easy so style. I find myself treating them like a neutral, pairing them with prints, denim, and other neutrals. It wasn't until I was packing for a trip that I realized this seems to be my fall color palette; burgundy, tan, green, orange, and hints of gray. A really helpful way to incorporate colored pants into your wardrobe is to look up color palettes on Pinterest or literally go to a place like Home Depot and use paint swatches to coordinate colors. It's really helpful! Here's one of my favorite Pinterest boards for color inspiration. If anything, it's just pretty to look at!

Outfit 1 Details: 
Plaid Shirt | Thrifted (j.crew) | $4
Pants | Old Navy Rockstar | $15 sale
Boots | Kohls | $15 sale

Wrap | Old Navy | $18 sale
Pants | Old Navy Rockstar | $15 sale
Sweater | Goodwill Akron | $4
Boots | Kohls | $15 sale
Bag | Old Navy | $13 sale 

Scarf | Thrifted | $1
Jacket | Old Navy, thrifted | $5
Shirt | J.Crew, thrifted from Goodwill on State Rd | $4
Pants | Old Navy Rockstar Jeans| sale $15
Boots | Vintage, thrifted | Village Discount Outlet 75 cents
Sunglasses | Charlotte Russe | $2 clearance bin

Thriftspired by Jessica Alba

I'm usually deliberate with my thrift replications, meaning I'll search for a specific item on Pinterest or Google for inspiration. With this one, I happened to come across this picture of Jessica Alba and realized that I already owned a sweater very similar to hers that I got at Goodwill for $3. I have a huge style crush on Jessica Alba so it was a win-win for me.  I've also been on the hunt for hunter green pants (get it) because they are so versatile for both work and play and found these at a TJ Maxx in Chicago.

Sweater | Goodwill | $3
Pants | TJ Maxx | $20
Shoes | Goodwill | $2

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Customize Your Clothing at Rubber City Clothing

If you're from Akron, chances are you already know about Rubber City Clothing. The Akroncentric store located at 18 N. High Street in downtown's historic district, is the place to visit to show your pride for everything Akron from hoodies, to caps, to t-shirts, bumper stickers, magnets, and much more.

the wall of print artwork at Rubber City Clothing
As a proud Akronite, I've know about RCC and their wall of designs for years, but never knew you could bring in your item and have it personalized with artwork. So with that in mind, I spent a Sunday afternoon with RCC to learn more about this feature. As an avid  thrifter and bargain shopper, I was naturally all about it. You mean I can thrift something for $1 and get it personalized for a grand total of $19? Count me in.

First, we stopped at the thrift store to pick up a few items to take back to RCC for printing. Shannon and I were challenged to find items under $10 so I hit the racks Supermarket Sweep style and found three jackets and a scarf for printing, all for $10.  Back at the store, I hemmed and hawed for a good 15 minutes over the designs I wanted to print on my thrifted finds. I can hardly make a decision at a Mexican restaurant, and this was much harder decision.

I finally decided on an AKROWDY design that was actually part of a larger print that they cut up for me and printed down the sleeve. I LOVE this one. I sing this song every time I wear this jacket.  
For my $1 scarf, I picked a heart and Ohio print that we cut and printed on two ends of the scarf.

For the trench coat, I went with a heart design that we cut in half to avoid the seam in the back. This one features all of Akron's neighborhoods.

Denim jackets are perfect for printing and are plentiful at the thrift store. This jacket was less than $5 and worked well with one of my favorite designs; the idea light bulb.

Shannon selected a Highland Square beard and freak show print.   I love the contrast in colors, especially the pink that matches her hair!

Saving the best for last, Jahara. Children's clothing can be ridiculously cheap at the thrift store - Jahara's pants and shirt were $1 each - so keep this in mind if you ever need a gift for a baby or toddler. I just love the tire tread on her jeans!

Needless to say, the possibilities are endless! Be sure to put Rubber City Clothing on your to-do list  as you shop local this holiday season on Small Business Saturday (November 28, 2015).

Things to remember when you bring in an item for printing: 
  • One large or one medium design:  $18 
  • One small or two small designs: $18
  • Two-color design: $20
  • 100% cotton, poly-cotton, linen, wool and polyester work very well 
  • Synthetic materials like nylon tend to melt
  • Buttons and zippers can't be put under the press so keep that in mind when you select the placement of your design
  • Bags are great, but can pose some challenges with size and enclosures. Try going for a large canvas bag
  • The team is always willing to help you navigate through this process, so don't hesitate to bring it in and ask!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

New Arrivals at the Dina's Days Spice rack at blue boutique

New arrivals are added weekly to the Dina's Days Spice rack located inside the new Goodwill blue boutique. The holidays are officially here just in time for the holiday preview event. Shop "ugly" holiday sweaters, tees, in addition to beads, sequins, and vintage holiday dresses. Cozy vests are still on the rack but snag them before they phase out this month.
Also, hope you will join us this week for a holiday preview sale:

What: Holiday Preview Sale at blue Boutique
When: Wednesday, November 18, 2015 11-1pm
Thursday, November 19, 2015 4-6pm
Where: Goodwill blue Boutique
335 South Main Street, Akron 44308 and 118 E.Main Street, Kent 44240

All customers will receive a coupon, refreshments will be available, and I'll be at the Akron location on Thursday night sharing tips on how to transition a black dress from work to play this holiday season.