Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thrift Challenge No.8: Reader's Choice!

We are on a roll switching things up for the Thrift Challenge! In July, we focused on men's fashion where Katie and I recreated looks for The Dans. If you missed that post, you can catch up on it here. For August, we are leaving the decision up to you!

August Thrift Challenge Outfit free polls 
Vote for one of the looks here and I will recreate the outfit using thrifted items only! Then head over to Something to be Found to vote and select a project for Katie to recreate. We will reveal our results at the end of August.

Outfit 1| Outfit 2 source unknown | Outfit 3| Outfit 4

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Heart Shaped Cut Out

Dress: Gabe's in Akron $9
Shoes: Goodwill in North Canton $2
Necklace: NY&Co $5
I haven't been to Gabe's in a really long time but stopped in recently to buy a baby gift for a friend with no plans of shopping for myself. As I was trying to make a decision between heart or duck print onesies, I spotted this dress on the clearance rack out of the corner of my eye. It was $9 and had a heart cut-out in the back, I mean come on.  I call this my Pinterest dress because only on Pinterest will you find dresses with heart shaped backs. I wore it to the vintage event I hosted at NOTO Boutique in Akron and it was truly a blast; it's so nice to meet local readers in person so thank you to everyone who stopped by. I plan to take my vintage collection to the Akron Farm & Flea in the next few weeks (after a much needed breather) and will also have some items to swap at the back to school clothing swap I am co-hosting in Kent. Check out photos from the vintage event here.

People ask me which thrift stores are my favorite all the time. Because I didn't have a lot of time to expand on this question during my New Day Cleveland interview, here are six of my favorite thrift stores in the area. There are a few new ones I haven't visited yet so this list will keep evolving. These are in no particular order:

My Favorite Thrift Stores

  • Village Discount Outlet - 193 E Waterloo Rd, Akron
  • Goodwill in Middleburgh Heights - 6880 Unit 1 Pearl Rd, Middleburgh Heights
  • Goodwill in North Olmsted - 23100 Lorain Rd, North Olmsted
  • Givits Thrift & Recycle - 5153 Darrow Rd, Hudson
  • Goodwill in Canal Fulton - 2254 Locust St, Canal Fulton
  • Goodwill in Kent - 2528 State Route 59, Kent

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dina's Days on New Day Cleveland

I had a great time this morning on the set of New Day Cleveland talking about thrift shopping! I shared a few tips on navigating a thrift store as well four items you can almost always count on finding while thrifting: polka dots, embellishments, animal print, and chambray shirts. Thanks to Fox 8 for having me, hope to be back soon!  Also,  Katie and I will be teaching a workshop followed by a mini DIY and style session on National Thrift Shopping Day at Goodwill in Brunswick (I accidentally said Brecksville in the video). Register here.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Eid Mubarak!

{date filled Eid cookies called Kaek}

Today Muslims around the world celebrate Eid-Al Fitr. This holiday marks the end of Ramadan, or the holy month of fasting. Families will celebrate for the next three days with family, prayer, gifts to charity, food, and sweets. Many Muslims wake up before sunrise on Eid to catch the morning prayer and then typically gather around for a huge breakfast feast, which usually includes lamb meat, and then spend the rest of the day in the best Eid outfit (both children and adults alike) visiting family. It is tradition in many Middle Eastern countries to serve your guests chocolates and date filled cookies called Kaek.

Eid was particularly special living in the Middle East, I would wake up to the sound of the Imam performing the morning Takbir from the mosque across the street (something I think everyone should experience live at some point in your life whether or not you're a Muslim), put on my hot pink ruffle skirt for a full day of visits, and my sister and I would guess which aunt or uncle would have the fanciest chocolates. I usually saved my chocolates but my sister Nari never wasted any time and ate them immediately. We would also try to guess how much cash we would accumulate by the end of the day - children receive cash in place of  toys from their relatives, the best kind of gift in my opinion. The day after Eid, you can find kids crowding every corner store spending their Eid cash on candy. Not me, I hoarded my money for magazines and headbands. The special thing about Eid in Jordan was that practically the entire country celebrated together, the spirit was alive everywhere you turned. Although some of our rituals have changed since we've moved to Ohio, celebrating Eid is still very special and I'm very much looking forward to spending time with my family.

Wishing all of you a Eid Mubarak and praying for peace in the Middle East.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thrift Challenge No.7: Thrifting for Men

Blazer: Goodwill on Waterloo Rd $4
Dickie's chambray shirt: Goodwill on Waterloo Rd $2
Calvin Klein jeans: Village Discount Outlet on Waterloo Rd $10
Shoes: not thrifted
Pocket square: DIY
I've got to hand it to Katie for being so creative. Had she never suggested we switch up the thrift challenge to include the men (and boys) in our lives, I would have never challenged myself to step outside of my thrifting comfort zone. For July, we set out to recreate super stylish outfits for "The Dans."

{this is his "I don't know what to do" face}

Katie assigned a look for my Dan complete with a tan blazer and chambray shirt. I've searched the Internet high and low and can't find the original source to this photo, but after a little iPhone zooming, I came to the conclusion that this model is wearing jeans, so we went with denim for the bottom half.

Dan is a professional jazz musician so this outfit was perfect for a casual gig. I swear by chambray shirts for both men and women because they are quite possibly the most versatile piece anyone can own, plus they are readily available at the thrift store; I found this shirt on the first try at Goodwill in Akron.

Although the selection is substantially limited for men compared to women, quality denim for men was surprisingly easy to find. My first round at the Village Discount Outlet was a mega success; everything I grabbed was designer denim at ridiculously low prices (think $5) but I drew a blank and jumbled all of the sizes in my head and I couldn't reach him (I'm the worst person to take lunch orders for the office if you don't write it down, by the way). Because I'm trying hard not to thrift things I don't need / unsure of,  I missed a great opportunity to score some awesome denim.

No worries though, we headed back together the second time around to ensure the denim and blazer fit properly. We found a pair of Calvin Klein jeans 30 seconds into our trip at the Village then took a short trip down the street to Goodwill for a blazer; which we found right away!

I took Ahmad's advice and cut a piece of fabric down to size for the pocket square. I used fabric from this diy project. 

The thrift store is quite possibly the last place Dan would ever want to be, and honestly the last place I want for us to be together; I'm a solo shopper and he's a never shopper. With that said, both trips were very successful, he even rested his eyes as I did the bulk of the thrifting.

I think the only thing Dan dislikes more than shopping is getting his photo taken model style and having to fake a smile. One thing led to another and before I knew it he was outside with his crossbow saying one day the tables will be turned and I'll be out in the woods with him in camo gear in exchange for his style feature on the blog.

Keep dreaming...just keep on dreaming.

Now, let's head over to my partner in crime's blog to see the thrifting magic she performed on her boys! Katie's father son styling is a serious must-see. Click here to go to Something to be Found's blog.

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