Sunday, March 29, 2015

Win Tickets to the Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show 2015

Mark your calendars for the annual Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show on May 7th. Every year, the Goodwill of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio (GCECO) invites local bloggers to style an all thrifted runway collection using $125 or less, based on a theme we select as part of their fashion show fundraiser to support the organization's programs. This will be my fourth year participating and it's truly one of my favorite projects of the year.

Save the date!
GoodStyle Fashion Show
When: Thursday, May 7, 2015
Where: Windows on the River • Cleveland, Ohio
Time: 6-9pm 

My theme this year is called Thriftaquarium: An Underwater Display.  It's been so much fun shopping for the collection. I've found so many pieces at Goodwill GCECO stores with pretty colors and textures that resemble underwater life and aquatics. Hint: there will be lots of sequins. I'm putting the final touches on my playlist which will be a mix of high energy, female power songs. 

Enter to win two tickets to the fashion show on Facebook. Simply like the photo to enter. For additional entires tag a friend in the comments! 

Hope to see you all there! You don't want to miss it! 
To purchase tickets, click here. For discounted tickets, click here

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Top 3 Hangriest Moments

I think I'm generally a pleasant person, except of course when I'm hungry. I'm not proud of it but when I reach a point of ravenous hunger, something comes over me and I may say things I will regret.  I've been guilty of some pretty remarkable hanger episodes that in hindsight tend to be pretty humorous, unless of course you were on the receiving end.

Shamefully, my top 3 hangriest moments: 

1. It's my fried chicken party and I can cry if I want to. 
My friend and I decided to have a fried chicken party. We had these grand plans of getting a few buckets to-go, meet up at my sister's house and pig out. Let me just tell you, I practically starved myself that day in preparation for the party and even worked out to make room for those extra calories. Wouldn't you know that he cancelled at the last minute and by that time every single fried chicken joint within a 10 mile radius was closed. I blame my low blood sugar for the tears I cried in the car over fried chicken.

2. I'm either going to die of hunger or kill you first. 
This is probably my most embarrassing moment. I was with a group of friends at restaurant for a birthday and the birthday girl was extremely late. I vividly remember how hungry I was that day. (Why didn't I just have a snack?) Anyway, when she finally arrived I made a tasteless and yet very detailed threatening joke about her tardiness. In my severe state of hanger, the joke made perfect sense in my mind. I got so many weird looks I knew I had to shut up and eat something immediately.

3. The Luigi's Line. 
We had plans to go to Luigi's for pizza and by the time we arrived I was starving and of course, the line was wrapped around the building even in frigid December weather. I tried to convince the group to wait in line but they said absolutely not. We ended up at a place downtown and I was g-r-u-m-p-y, whispering under my breath about how slow the service was and asking my fiancĂ© to "tell her I want some service!" As soon as the first spoonful of soup hit my taste buds my demeanor completely changed and I looked up to the group and exclaimed "well this is fun!"

I'm learning how to mange my hanger by eating snacks regularly but mostly by avoiding all human contact until I have eaten. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Goodwill Floral Maxi and Leather Jacket

Florals; you either love them or hate them. I can't get enough of them. I've been on a floral pinning spree for the last several weeks so I was thrilled when I found this maxi dress at the Jackson Township Goodwill for $1.50. I love wearing tougher pieces with feminine dresses and skirts, so I paired this dress with my faux leather jacket. It's the perfect piece to transition this dress from spring to summer.

 Remember last month when I shared a post explaining the tagging system and how to shop smarter at Goodwill of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio stores? In this post we're putting these skills to work! Even though it says it was $5, anything that had a yellow tag that day was $1.50. Funny thing is, I spotted this same exact dress at another local thrift store and they were charging $15 for it. I'm so glad I snagged this one in Jackson at a fraction of the cost!

Dress | Goodwill in Jackson Township | $1.50
Jacket | Thrifted | $6
Shoes | Thrifted $2

You can follow Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio here:
To find a Goodwill Cleveland & Canton store, click here.

This post is part of a Thrifting 101 series for Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Thrift Store Finds: Clothes less than $3

Although I visit the thrift store often, I don't buy things every time. Most of the time, I just like being in that environment. I like the thrill of finding things, even if I don't buy them. In fact, I'm extremely selective of what I thrift mainly because I do go to a lot of thrift stores and have seen it all.  I won't buy an item unless it's something that I absolutely need or know for a fact that I've never seen it at another thrift store. In other words, I won't buy something for the sake of buying it or just because it cost $1. Also, I tend to only go on dollar days, 75 cent days, or 35% off days. Here are a couple of finds recently that have topped my "best deal ever" list.

As you can see from my caption on Instagram, my local thrift store changed their discount days around and I didn't realize that dollar day was also student discount day. Thankfully, my seven year old student ID knocked off a whopping 20 cents off my total, leaving me with a vibrant pink trench for 80 cents.

I was looking for a dress or something formal for a fundraiser I was going to attend and happened to find a fully embellished top with the tags still attached for $2.95. I can't wait to share this top in a full style post.

A photo posted by dinasdays (@dinasdays) on

Lastly, these Chinese Laundry boots for $1 were such an incredible deal. I love to wear them with black skinnies and skirts.

Have you thrifted anything fun lately?  

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What's all this talk about Jane's Walk?

Jane Jacobs at the White Horse Tavern in 1961 (Credit: Cervin Robinson)

The basics: 
Who: AMATS and Jane's Walk
What: Local citizens lead walking tours of their neighborhoods or blocks
Where: Akron, Ohio
When: May 1-3, 2015

The first time I heard about Jane's Walk, I thought it was a 5k walk. It wasn't until I attended the kick off meeting hosted by AMATS that I realized how closely Jane's Walk relates to the Akron2Akron initiative.

Jane Jacobs was a bad ass urban activist.  Because of that, an annual event has been established to honor her commitment to city-building. I encourage you to read about her inspiring story here.

Jane's Walk is an international event that happens the first weekend in May where people from all around the world lead walks of their neighborhood or blocks. Sound familiar? Akron2Akron does this on a monthly basis.

With all of the enthusiasm around Akron2Akron since its launch this past winter, it makes perfect sense to rally up our troops and empower Akronites to lead walks or attend one this May.

Akron2Akron and AMATS hosted a meeting on Monday to explain what Jane's Walk is and how you can get involved. First, read up on Jane's Walk and get excited. Then, consider what you want to talk about on your walk. You can decide on a fun theme or walk without a cause. Does your neighborhood's vacant lands and abandoned buildings concern you? Consider leading a walk to start an important conversation. Not all walks have to be fun and games. I can't stress this enough: all it takes is one conversation or one connection. We've met so many interesting and resourceful people on our walks, you never know where the conversation may lead you.

I'm thinking about leading a photography themed walk that weekend either on Copley Road or on a stretch in East Akron. I've always found the old buildings to be extremely fascinating, including the vacant and run down ones. I love the typography on the buildings and find the old neighborhoods to be extremely photogenic. Plus, this is a great way to start an important conversation about some of the forgotten places in those neighborhoods. I am also hoping to recruit my fiancé if he's not touring to lead a jazz walk, possibly from Jilly's on the Northside to the downtown arts district.

This project is led by our friends at AMATS, namely Phyllis Jividen. Akron2Akron, is happy to support this project and we hope that you will too! Have a question about Jane's Walk? Phyllis is happy to answer any questions you may have.  Here's some helpful contact information and you can even download the presentation if you missed the meeting. 

We hope that you will either lead a tour or attend one that first weekend in May!